UGCसंस्कृतम् 300+Marks

UGCसंस्कृतम् 300+Marks is a Hindi group. It is a CLOSED group. They attracted 38 members. So people rank it like a Tiny group. You can find this group by searching 352268624954090 on Google, Bing or Yahoo. 2015-02-11 20:12:16 is the closest date we have information about it.

सह नाववतु सह नौ
भुनक्तु सह वीर्यं
करवावहै ,
मा विद्विषावहै !
I wish
all the best !
and help each other in study.
संवदध्वं सं नो
मनांसि जानताम्
शुभमस्तु !
: )