Norene's Kitchen!

Norene's Kitchen! is a English group. It is a CLOSED group. There are 3,967 participants in that group. So people rank it like a Medium group. 180575465335095 is the identifier of this group with Facebook. 2015-01-28 18:59:04 is the closest date we have information about it.

Share kosher recipes, food memories, cooking questions, tips...whatever! For delicious recipes from my cookbooks and articles, visit my website at

NEW MEMBERS PLEASE NOTE: I keep kosher and my cookbooks and recipes are kosher... but you don't have to be Jewish to enjoy them. Many members of Norene's Kitchen observe kosher guidelines. When posting a recipe or link, please offer kosher alternatives, e.g. Tofutti imitation cream cheese or sour cream, kosher beef bacon (also referred to as 'facon'). Please DO NOT post recipes or photos with shellfish (shrimp, lobster, crab), swordfish or pork, no milk/cheese/dairy combined with meat or poultry dishes.

Please post your recipes directly on this page if possible as it is very time-consuming for me to have to click on one or more links to check that your posts comply with these guidelines.

This is NOT a place to poach members for your own page or group without my permission. This IS a place to share recipes, tips and food memories with other members and to help one another. Thanks and cook in good health!