INTIPANTA - Organic Kitchen/Terrace Gardening

INTIPANTA - Organic Kitchen/Terrace Gardening is a English group. It is a CLOSED group. They attracted 10,809 members. So it is a Huge group. 373001439414168 is the identifier of this group with Facebook. 2015-01-28 19:02:07 is the closest date we have information about it.

Hi Friends, Some basic guidelines for this group. Please do read these before Joining/Posting in this group.

ORGANIC - One of the goals of this group is to encourage organically grown plants. Please refrain from giving advice on pesticides and fertilizers that are chemicals.

ORNAMENTALS - Group focuses on INTIPANTA (home food) urban organic food cultivation. Please do not overload the group with just flowering plants. A mix of the two would be great. Recommendation on local flowering plants along with vegetables would be great. Please share your experience about good companion and inter-crop plants for overall health of the garden.

SEARCH FOR INFO/FILE SECTION. - Please use the 'Search' option (the magnifying glass icon on the right top corner) to look for answers, before you post questions. Very easy to find info, if not do ask away. Any issues you might have can be helped if you can share an image of problem or all the information on soil composition, first occurrence of pest etc etc.

PICTURES -create an album for yourself and post all your pictures there. Sharing image by image clutters the page and takes away from other posts. So please create and label your pics and album. A description would further help along novice gardeners as well.
LANGUAGE: Posts in any language are welcome which are inclusive. So if post some article in Telugu or Urdu please provide a translation which gives a gist of the information.

COMMERCIAL/ PROMOTIONAL POSTS - Please join the group to share information and help others. Keep your commercial interest to minimum. Aggressive selling and posting only commercial posts will not be welcome. Use your judgement. And please be transparent about what is in your products, or where they come from etc. Secrecy will not be appreciated. If they are commercial secrets then best not suggest as we aim for transparency here.

MANNERS- Please do not post in CAPS. (considered rude according to internet etiquette, means you shouting). Healthy debates allowed and encouraged. Be polite and respectful to all. Sexist, racist, and personally targeting will not be tolerated. If arguments are getting heated please remember whether you would talk to the other person in the same manner if they were in front of you. Keep your cool!

Guidelines are just that guidelines but please take this in the spirit of keeping the group clean and free of spam and irrelevant information.

Notes in the file sections: has all the pertaining links to information you need to start

Happy Gardening!