Southern University College - 南方大学学院

Southern University College - 南方大学学院 is a Chinese group. Having alot of group type in Facebook: close, open and secret and it is a CLOSED group. There are 2,329 participants in that group. So people rank it like a Medium group. You can find this group by searching 485077021507888 on Google, Bing or Yahoo. 2015-01-12 23:46:04 is the closest date we have information about it.


Self-Renewal, Virtue, Nature 自强不息,厚德载物

Southern University College was established in 1990 owing to the generous support of the Malaysian community. It is the first non-profit community college in the country wholly-funded by public donation and is open to Malaysian students of all races. In 2012, the number of students enrolled is 1,600.

Southern University College aims to provide a pleasant learning environment for students. The siz
e of the campus is 10 hectares and is landscaped based on the natural scenery of the Suzhou District in China. There is a beautiful replica of a Chinese garden-the Recreation Park, as well as pavilions, small bridges, lakes and mini waterfalls.

The campus is located 15km from the Johor Bahru city centre and Singapore is situated just across the causeway. The college is within easy reach from the Senai International Airport and accessible via the North-South Expressway.

Shopping is convenient as there are several shopping centres within the neighborhood such as Jaya Jusco, Giant Hypermarket, Sutera Mall, Plaza Tasek, Plaza Skudai, Plaza Angsana and Skudai Parade.

Location: PTD 64888, 15Km, Jalan Skudai, P.O.Box 76,Skudai, Johor., 81300 Skudai, Johor, Malaysia

Phone: 07-558 6605 EXT: 162/163/121/203, HOTLINE : 07-554 3466