The Ace of Spades Moron Lifestyle Group

The Ace of Spades Moron Lifestyle Group is a English group. It is a CLOSED group. There are 838 participants in that group. So people rank it like a Small group. You can find this group by searching 228120330653214 on Google, Bing or Yahoo. Last update is on 2015-02-20 17:36:11.

This group is for the *friendly* banter of fans of the Ace of Spades blog ( We are known as Morons and Ettes (moronettes), so if you are called a Moron, believe it or don't, that is a complement, so long as it is capitalized.

There are very few rules and you should have thick skin to be here. If not, then skin a hobo and make a damn coat.

The three rules are simple:
1) No Porn or other graphic images you wouldn't share with your CEO or small child. If you post it, it must be in the form of a link with no images and a NSFW warning. Anyone who can find their way here, can find all the porn they want on their own, and, not everyone is into porn. Shocking I know, but it's true.

2) No fighting with admins. They are chosen because they are the most placable Morons you'll ever meet. If you've pissed one off, you've gone too far and you will lose. Don't be a loser.

3) No blocking admins.


You are welcome and freely forgiven for leaving the group if ya want, but we hope you'll stay. You may add your friends if you think they will fit in. If you choose wrong we'll deal with it.

I know some people are a little shy and don't want to risk tussling with the more active and vocal members here BUT we need to know you are:
(a) a real person,
(b) not some troll trying to harass our sweet innocent benevolent and angelic members... even though we don't have any, we might someday.


Every Noob is expected to answer up with at least one post telling us how the hell you found us here and what you were hoping you'd find here. If you don't, you face the risk of being bounced.
You don't have to be a regular blatherererererrrr but you do have to be a real person and not a Troll.

So what is a Noob? I hear some of you asking (yes I really can read minds {watch it Burmfood!})

A Noob is anyone that none of the Admins know and who hasn't posted at least what I ask for above. If we can't see into your profile and we don't know why/how you are here, you might not be for much longer. See, that is what is meant by "CLOSED GROUP".

There, that's simple enough even a Moron can understand it, right?