Almerianz KL

Chinese is the main language of Almerianz KL facebook group. Having alot of group type in Facebook: close, open and secret and it is a CLOSED group. There are 420 participants in that group. So people rank it like a Small group. 272477002877576 is the identifier of this group with Facebook. Last update is on 2015-01-30 17:05:10.

创造一个Group不是单靠一个人就能完成的 而是因为有大家的存在还有帮忙。
所以才算创造了我们的Group “Almerianz KL"
最重要的是 - 互相尊重 - 和谐 - 和平

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Our mission is to promote the fervour, friendship and passion of the Nissan Almera’s ownership experience. It is a non-profit organization led by our members that shared the same passion for this godlike vehicle.

We are happy to welcome everyone to join the family and a thousand thanks for chosen to become a member of AlmerianzKL. As for your information, this group was created since 26th September 2013. Without your kind support, we believe that the group wouldn’t operate well. Once again, thank you for your co-operation and thumbs up for the great support on us.

First and foremost, we will try our best to expand the club by increasing potential members and participations. Our members derive mainly from Klang Valley but we also have members from down south and up north, back east and out west. This proves that we are getting along the right direction.

Secondly, we provide a wide range of activities throughout the year which include gathering (blow-water/chui-shui session), daily rendezvous (lunch, dinner or supper-chicken wings/siu kai yik session). Apart from above-mentioned items, we do provide relevant information to give you the better idea on how to fix your car as you may find the folks here are quite supportive and knowledgeable.

Besides, we have teachers and lecturers in this group as well as love gurus. Hence, you may ask any questions in the group BUT please bear in minds that try not to use any vulgar or harsh words which will hurts other members. Like the old saying goes, 'In order to get respect, you have to give respect'.

Last but not least, welcome to the family and let’s grow together.