Caribbean Kitchen

Caribbean Kitchen is a English group. It is a CLOSED group. They attracted 2,332 members. So it is a Medium group. 527805057349928 is the identifier of this group with Facebook. We last updated on 2015-01-28 19:02:03.


Welcome to "Caribbean Kitchen". This page was created to be a melting pot for all, no matter your race, religion and what country you are from, all are welcome. Come in have a seat, have fun with your new extended family. This group sole purpose is to show the world we can all live as one while enjoying the diversity of foods posted to the page. Feel free to post your foods and share your recipes with the group.

Trouble makers will not be tolerated….Please reads our rules carefully:

Caribbean Kitchen Group Rules:

1. Respect everyone on the page and the foods they present. Any negative and rude comments will result in immediate removal from the group.

2. No advertisement of any kind without prior approval from an admin.

3. If you have any issues with other member please bring it to the attention of one of the admins asap.

4. NO posting of porn or other sexually explicit materials on this page.

5. NO blocking of admins.

6. NO sharing of post from other pages.......If there is a picture on a post elsewhere you want to post to our page, ------> download the picture to your phone or computer first <------- then directly upload from your phone or computer to the page instead of sharing it from another page. We have members who are using out dated devices and are having trouble opening post with additional links that accompanied with the post. I guess it slows them down to open and load the page/ link. We are trying to make our page accessible to all members, and we do not want to start deleting members post with any additional links. ------> If you must forward a post for what ever your reason is, we suggest you post to our page -----> FIRST <-------- then forward it to the other pages of your choice.

The admin body is fully aware that some of the group's members provide catering services..own small businesses etc.and these said members have our support..but the admin team will not be held accountable for any business transactions that takes place via our group..nor will the voicing of opinions on business deals gone bad or improperly organized transactions be tolerated..thank you members for taking the time to read the rules and on behalf of the administration team we hope that the valued members enjoy being here..


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