Mandaue City Taekwondo Alumni Association

Mandaue City Taekwondo Alumni Association is a Finnish group. Having alot of group type in Facebook: close, open and secret and it is a CLOSED group. They attracted 163 members. So it is a Tiny group. You can find this group by searching 268277406531398 on Google, Bing or Yahoo. We last updated on 2015-02-19 18:13:22.

"Maayong buntag o gabii ninyo diha! This is the power of Taekwondo social networking - in action! Mga taekwondo sa tibuok kaMandauehan, we welcome you ALL to this page. Come on in, mga Chong ug mga Hong - join the fun!!! Let's exchange random bits & pieces of our art. And a word of CAUTION. Happy chatting!!! :))

May we please ask... you to adhere to the following guidelines:

*Please be respectful. Personal attacks, profane, abusive or threatening posts will not be tolerated. We don't really want to curtail your freedom regarding the use of creative language. However, if you have to use 4-letter words (& the likes) when you want to share a joke, please make use of asterisks or any character you can find in your keyboard so as not to litter the page with profanities.

*Please keep it short (150 words or less). No spamming, please. Please try to stay on topic.

TaeKwonDo Team Mandaue reserves the right to moderate all comments and remove or edit posts for guideline violations.

To avoid notification flooding, please go to Edit Settings & disable notifications by unchecking the appropriate boxes (including emails).

Daghang Salamat!!!

~From the Admin(s) of this page