Waldo County Area Families Helping Families

Waldo County Area Families Helping Families is a N/A group. It is a CLOSED group. Waldo County Area Families Helping Families has 1,787 members. So people rank it like a Medium group. 174586942681606 is the identifier of this group with Facebook. Last update is on 2015-04-07 21:36:20.

FREE and/or TRADE ONLY..... thought for this group is for families of Waldo County and the surrounding towns to post free items, community groups and services that might be available to help families in our community.... if you have anything that you are looking to get rid of (get out of your yard or storage space) or feel as if you have something to offer someone in the community, please feel free to post it here... INVITE YOUR FRIENDS.... this is not a group for personal gain, this is a group for community well being. Anyone who recieves an item for free and is then later trying to sell or make a profit on it, will be removed and banned from the group.... lets all help eachother! If you have something to trade, item for item, that is permitted, but no money will pass trough this site.
HAVE FUN PEOPLE, and remember, this is Families helping Families, dont be greedy!
Also, if you have a friend in need, please invite them to join the group. Lets try to keep this as local as possible. Its important to some to know that they are helping a neighbor.
thank you all!!