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The Chitpavan, Chitpawan, or Konkanastha Brahmins (कोकणस्थ ब्राह्मण) are a Brahmin community of Konkan, the coastal belt of western Maharashtra. Sometimes they are affectionately referred to as Kobra (short for KO-nkanastha BRA-hmin). (Since Konkanastha is actually a general geographic label, meaning "Resident of Konkan" in Sanskrit, the name Chitpavan is preferable. In this text, however, the names Chitpavan, Konkanastha, and Kobra are used interchangeably.[citation needed]

They constitute up to 1.5 million population all over the world. The Kobras gained prominence during the reign of Shahu in the 18th century and since have established themselves firmly in the Indian social hierarchy. In 1713, the Chhattrapati Shahu (Chhattrapati Shivaji's grandson) appointed a Chitpavan Brahmin from Kokan, Balaji Vishwanath Bhat, as Peshwa or prime minister. After the death of Shahu from 1749 to 1761, the Peshwas enjoyed de facto status until the battle of Panipat. Afterwards, with exception of Madhavrao, all other peshwas remained ceremonial heads of the Maratha confederacy like their master Chhattrapati.[citation needed]

The community is now spread far and wide up to Australia, UK & USA and many other Asian, African, European countries