SIMS NEW ASHOK NAGAR is a English group. It is a CLOSED group. There are 304 participants in that group. So it is a Small group. 1447572938852465 is the identifier of this group with Facebook. 2015-02-09 09:00:22 is the closest date we have information about it.

About SIMS-India
SIMS as The Institute of Media & Management Studies equipped with Advanced Studies Courses was established in Delhi (INDIA) with the objective of providing quality Media, Technical Management education at under 10th, 10+ 2, levels to young aspirants in a stimulating environment of independent thinking and innovation in various disciplines of Media & Management.
SIMS is focused on value addition to the courses that it offers to the student community and provides the unique combination of technical excellence, opportunities, choices and experience. With rapid globalization of all economic activities, it is imperative that students develop a global outlook to become successful in the international arena.
SIMS is Managed by The SGIS of India and functions under its able leadership and Guidance.
The organization is registered in Delhi under Indian Constitution act 1860 Section 21 .
The Institution is working for promotion of the Media Education in the Country.
This Institution is working towards creating a band of well trained Media & Management Professionals.