CV'ler Koblenz

German is the main language of CV'ler Koblenz facebook group. Having alot of group type in Facebook: close, open and secret and it is a CLOSED group. There are 457 participants in that group. So people rank it like a Small group. You can find this group by searching 226985367363346 on Google, Bing or Yahoo. 2015-01-31 21:13:03 is the closest date we have information about it.

Wilkommen in der Computervisualistik-Gruppe der Universität Koblenz!

Du bist hier richtig, wenn du
-Informatik / Computervisualistik studierst
-Informatik / Computervisualistik studiert hast
-Informatik / Computervisualistik lehrst
-Dich für die Studiengänge Informatik / Computervisualistik an unserer Uni interessierst


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