PIRAEUS [ports,terminals & marinas]

English is the main language of PIRAEUS [ports,terminals & marinas] facebook group. Having alot of group type in Facebook: close, open and secret and it is a CLOSED group. PIRAEUS [ports,terminals & marinas] has 186 members. So it is a Tiny group. 272668739603671 is the identifier of this group with Facebook. 2015-02-04 15:19:04 is the closest date we have information about it.

This is a group for uploading photos and videos taken only in Piraeus ports.
Following areas are considered as Piraeus Ports:

1.Piraeus Central Port (passenger & cruise)
2.Container Terminal
3,Car Terminal at Neo Ikonio,
4.Drapetsona repair zone
5. DEH r.z.
6.Perama r.z. and floating docks
7 Zea Marina
8.Mikrolimano and
9.Athens Marina at Neon Faliron .

Last but not least you can add photos or videos of ships that come to Piraeus Roads.