Dapitan Trade Marqit

English is the main language of Dapitan Trade Marqit facebook group. It is a CLOSED group. They attracted 482 members. So people rank it like a Small group. 129797657230449 is the identifier of this group with Facebook. Last update is on 2015-02-20 04:39:08.

(Open for Dapitan City, Dipolog City area and neighboring places)

*****Para iwas scam, do meet-ups only*****

Please complete the info. in posting items, indicate first if you sell,swap,trade or wanna buy an item, attach image as possible


1. NO double or triple posting
2. NO aggression and un-professionalism among members
3. NO hijacking of post by other members
4. NO posting of affiliated online jobs
5. NO SCAMS! The group is not liable for any scam, harm, fraud, or any violence between the buyer and the seller.
6. Please insure that your products is traded in good quality.

Use at your own risk! Happy trading.